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The tracks in this sound awesome. Definitely going to be considering this for my next game

Thanks so much! If you'd like to try a sample before you buy, check out my free Music & SFX pack featuring 18 music loops & 17 SFX from Game Music Treasury & Game SFX Treasury:

Hi, Steven - I purchased the pack and when I tried to download it, the Google Drive link says that "File is in Owner's Trash." Can you help?

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Hey! Sorry about that - you seem to have purchased right when I was transferring over to the new updated v1.1 file! The link is now correct. Shoot me an email if you're unable to access: and I'll get that link to you ASAP.

I had a feeling it was in the middle of an update. Looks like it's fine now.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, Steven~ How can I get the license of this pack individually?

Hey! I no longer license the tracks individually - part of why the bundled cost is so low is because I only sell these in a collection.

Just a heads up, the description says the cost is less than 1% of $7,515, but that would be $75.15 and it is selling for $299 (149 on sale). Not sure if the price was raised or the amount of music did but you may want to update that

thanks for the catch! has been updated to "less than 2% of that cost" :)

Awesome music pack once again !

I made another gamejam using your music (bought, credited and linked) and finished 4th place this time, but 1st place in SFX/Music which is obviously thanks to you !

I used mostly music from the "ambient" and "somber" category and your music was perfect for the mood of my game.

If you are interested:


Awesome!! Thanks so much for letting me know :)

Hello, I purchased your music package and ran into a problem. All music is in uasset format. Unfortunately I am making a project in Unity and it does not work with the Unreal Engine data format. Is there any way to use them in Unity?

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Thanks for letting me know! I just emailed you the correct files and updated the ZIP file here on Itch.