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This music pack contains 12 tracks of original music recorded by real, live orchestras. With selections recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, these AAA-quality songs range from emotional sweeping string sections, to intense epic percussion, to playful wind ensembles. Perfect themes for battles, towns, overworlds, bosses, cutscenes, and more. RPGs, Adventure games, Action games, and Platformers would find great use in these pieces.

TRACKLIST (.wav, 44.1kHz, 16bit)

  • A Humble Town (LOOP)  [3:18]
  • A Tale Retold (LOOP)  [2:48]
  • Bittersweet Departure (LOOP)  [2:26]
  • Dashing Through New Lands (LOOP)  [2:42]
  • Emerging from the Shadows  [2:25]
  • Our Reason to Fight  [1:41]
  • Preparing for the Final Encounter  [7:13]
  • Revealing the Truth  [1:07]
  • Sentimental Reunion  [2:45]
  • The Home I'll Always Remember (LOOP)  [2:37]
  • Troublemakers  [2:00]
  • Wandering Souls  [2:13]




This music pack is included in the Best-Selling Game Music Treasury, featuring 500+ tracks across 18 essential video game genres.


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$24.99 $12.49 USD or more

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The autoplaying is a bit much, think you could disable it?

thanks for the feedback - autoplay disabled :)